Stylish Phone Cases

What can I say...
I'm a proud Mama
My daughter's custom, hand painted
phone cases have been featured 
on the blog

Come and check it out!

You can see more of these in her shop

I hope you'll stop by and take a look
...and have a fabulous Friday


Shaz said…
And so you should be proud - they are gorgeous. I will pop over soon and check out more. Happy weekend. x
J. Leonard said…
I love them! I'm particularly fond of the giraffe. Thanks for sharing :)
Anonymous said…
Hello All,

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Silvia C said…
Hello Gail,
Well, no wonder you are a proud momma! Did she take drawing lessons? Very, very talented girl. They are fabulous!
Hope you are doing well, darling.
Eliza Thorne said…
Your daughter has an amazing talent, they are pieces of art, each one! I just purchased one of her iphone cases for myself, I can not wait until it comes in the mail! Congrats on your daughter's sucess!
Love the phone covers! They're so fun and unique. :)