Are you a PINTEREST addict? 
This is just one of the
funny images I found there
If you haven't been to there, sign up and see
some fun Eye candy
Trust me you'll be stuck there for 

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Shaz said…
Hi lovely girl, thanks for stopping by. OH HOW I LOVE PINTEREST. I have just followed you. If I want you to go to mine for a look, what do you look up? My name perhaps anyway if you want to have a look under Sharon Tunbridge you might find me (havent got my "techy" hat on today - can you tell?!?!?! I just started pinterest on the weekend and started 23 new boards. You are right - I was on it for about 5 hours. Very easy to do.
Alicja said…
Dear Gail,
Thank you for your nice words!
You are on my blogroll too:)Hope we are in touch.
A lot of hugs from sunny Warsaw-