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When we think of shades of fall,
we typically think of the
riotous colors of fall foliage.
But there are more subtle, softer and 
paler shades of fall for
home accessories 
that can give your décor 
a sophisticated seasonal feeling. 
Winter wheat, white pumpkins, 
silvery greys and soft camels 
are just a few of our favorites 
from the palest shades of fall. 
Here are more:
Wedding Planner Calgary Pale Fall Shades
The palest shades of fall are some of the
chicest colors for the season:
cream pumpkins; faded green hydrangeas; 
frosty silvers; touches of rose and gold; 
pale camel.
Layer these pale shades 
with a few deeper fall colors.
Five Minutes Just for Me Pale Fall Shades
Palest grays are perfect for fall. 
Like the fall sky, these grays nicely offset
brighter fall hues and also look good with other
pale fall shades like taupes and camels.
2805 Pale Fall Shades
Pale metallics are perfect for fall décor. 
Reflective surfaces sparkle in candlelight. 
Look for bronzes and rose golds 
for warmer tone metallics.
Five Minutes Just for Me Pale Fall Shades
Whites, creams and light beiges 
paired with metallics 
like silvers, bronze, gold 
& rose gold 
make for a lovely 
pale fall palette. 
These pale shades of fall 
are perfect for holiday
table décor
House of Turquoise Pale Fall Shades
Palest grays, creams and golds
are sophisticated shades for fall. 
Creams recall thick knit 
cashmere sweaters. 
Golds and camel colors invoke 
cozy warmth.
2805 Pale Fall Shades
Shades of white and cream, 
especially mixed with rich browns, 
are the palest of pale fall shades. 
Love these white pumpkin & pistachio 
candle holders. 
Who knew pistachios 
could be so gorgeous?!
Her Beautiful Mess Pale Fall Shades
Muted shades of typical fall shades, 
like mossy greens & russet reds, feel more chic,
especially when paired with 
pale creams & golds for
home décor
Midwest Living Pale Fall Shades
Palest versions of typical fall foliage colors 
of yellow, orange and green 
look more sophisticated 
when mixed together. 
Love the pale winter 
wheat color of the door; 
it sets the tone for 
the muted color scheme.

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