There are only 3 days left before my daughter
leaves for college...EEEK!
Yes, I know, get me a boatload of tissues because it's going to be terrible,
absolutely terrible.
I have heard from so many parents how they
cried the whole ride home
dropping off their children and saying goodbye.
I will have to fill you in on that next week
Right now I have3 days left to figure out
how to make this room a little,
no scratch that,
A LOT more appealing.
For now I'm going to shift my focus from crying to decorating.

We've spent the past several weeks making trips to Bed Bath and Beyond,
Target, HomeGoods and Ikea
to pick up all the college essentials.
The thing that worries me is that
every time
we would go out the car would be full.
Okay, so what makes me think we are getting it all to school in one trip???

I hate to break it to the hubby that we may need a U Hall van or

recruit some friends and family to caravan that day.

If any of you out there really know me,
then you'll understand why this phenomenon has occurred.

All I have to say is I blame Rachel Ray. Yes, Rachel Ray.
You see, last year I remember watching her show
with the segment about decorating a college dorm.

Naturally, I tucked that in my back of my mind until the right time came.

Well, it's time. (I actually have been dreading this day to come)

A little trip to YouTube and the next thing I knew I was in a decorating frenzy!!
For any others of you out the sending your child off to school,
you've got to see this video clip!!

Now here's my to do list:
Make a Twin XL comforter
Yes, I'm making it because if any of you out there know me
I must always make everything in my life more difficult :)
No really, we found these great curtains in Target

and my daughter fell in love with the pattern,
sew, here I go.

Make Pillow Shams

as bolsters for a sofa effect across the back of her bed

Make Window Treatments
We found these really neat throws at Ikea.
It looks like it would be kind of a scratchy blanket,
but really cool window treatments.
So I'll be making window treatments out of blankets
and a blanket out of window treatments!

How crazy is that???

Make Bulletin Board

I saw these pretty buttons in Joann Fabrics
and thought they would make great push pins.
Cutting off the shank and gluing on tacks in the back and voila!!
These are now gorgeous thumb tacks!!

Taking the glass out of a frame and replacing with cork
was spray painted in black with a lace overlay
just made a bulletin board
a whole lot prettier.
Order Carpet Squares
I just love this idea because they won't take up
as much room
to transport when space is at a minimum.
You can also create a more homey wall to wall carpet feel,

especially in an irregular shaped room.

I found these on line

Well I've got to get going and get busy.
I only have 3 days left to make this happen.

Luckily all this FRENZY is taking my mind off of crying.
I will let you know how it goes and
show you
pictures of her finished room.


Wow you have one lucky daughter, I remember my first day in university. I had only been there once before, got digs in a house owned by a woman who wasn't one bit nice. I left it late to get accomodation and that's all I could get. I knew no one when I went there. I hated it so much but I knew I had to get on with it, I spent a total of 4 years in that university and then moved to another one to complete my second masters. I lived for coming home at the weekends. Thank goodness those days are over, I counted down the days until it was home time. In my second year I got a boyfriend whom I clung to but once uni was over it didn't last. Now it's all over, I'm glad I stuck it out. I'm a home bird through and through but would not have achieved so much without my education. Sounds like your daughter is gonna have a really homely dorm though and it will have your touch all over it so she'll love it :) A reminder of home all the time.

All things nice...
Oh my!!!!! She's going off to college! Happy for her -- sad for you. (maybe?) Let us know how your day is when she heads out -- we'll be watching for you to post next week so we can all tell you how it's gonna be okay...

Wish her a happy first year for me!! She's gonna rock da campus! Woo!!!


It's me said…
You shal miis her darling.....i can't wait till the project is finish.........lillte girls grown up mom......i wish you good luck......hugs and love Ria.......
Anonymous said…
It's hard to let go... my children are 6 and 9 . They started school Monday and I just couldn't stand not having them close to me. I can't imagine what you are going through. I'll thinking about you and enjoy these few days with her.

BonjourRomance said…
Dear Gail,

I knew it was getting close, and you were all busy being together! Maghan is going to have the most fabulous form room on campus. Great idea about the lace covered cork board ( I can't stand cork, so this will work for me). Enjoy every minute Gail. You and you husband ave raised a wonderful, caring young lady - she will be fine!
Now get sewing! ANxious to see the finished room!
Take care my kind friend! You helped me so much! We will catch up soon!!
Give my best to Meghan!
BonjourRomance said…
Sorry, me again. Pardon all those huge typos above - I am always typing too fast...more excuses!
cityfarmer said…
jump right in ... just do it ... you may end up on TV ...
move on over, Rachel
Libbie said…
I read this yesterday but never had a chance to write with too many kids running circles around me! :) But this does make me appreciate their little chaos more :) I know it will be hard to drive away next week! But you have raised her so well & she is such a lovevly girl I know she will do amazing things!

I can't imagine the shopping & the decorating you are doing! The stuff you girls picked out is FABULOUS! I can't wait for an "after" pic! Don't make it too want her to come home alot ;) I will be praying for you this week as I know it is a milestone in your whole family's lives. take Care & enjoy decorating like a madwoman!!! & take lots of pics!
Burlap Luxe said…
Your daughter is going to have a beautiful life, this is because you have inspired it.
Oh me oh my. She's in college! I can't believe it.

Can you decorate Jack's dorm room too? He would love it. I know you're great with themes (You were making a cowboy lamp the first time I met you - - wasn't it for one of the Flyers' kids?) so I'm sure you could come up with something for a 19-year-old boy!
WhiteWhispers2u said…
I can't wait to see! Blessings to you and your family.It's so hard to let them go.~Cheers Kim