Since I'm still kind of in a Father's day frame of mind,
I thought I'd share some great masculine
spaces I found in my image files.
Let's face it, most of the men in our lives go for the
dark, rich, masculine rugged look when it comes to decorating,
if they had their choice.
I know my husband just loves the rich, dark,
"cave-like" style for our home,
while I am constantly leaning toward anything
white, light and shabby chic.
It becomes tricky when trying to tie two completely
opposite ends of the spectrum together in design.
I have to say, Ralph Lauren does a great job
of mixing the masculine colors, patterns and textures
with the lighter, brighter, floral more feminine accents.
I think he's helped prevent a lot of battles with couples
trying to decorate their spaces.
In the first photo, the Ralph Lauren Flagship store
provides a great example of just exactly what I am talking about.
That beautiful white ceiling with the floral carved accents
sets off the masculine tones and textures found in the rest of the space. How gorgeous is all that wood paneling among
the leather accents and oil paintings??

How about the silver glass and crystal in this photo
mixed with these plaids and crests?
I love this room! The red plaid lampshade, the white pitcher of Hydrangeas and that cute little tufted leather chair all look so great together. It's very masculine, but you can see the feminine touches poking through :)
These pretty floral sheets nicely compliment
chunky wooden bed and plaid pillows.
She actually looks quite content lounging there.
How about some white linen embroidered,
ruffled pillows to
enhance the look of the wood &
leather nail head bed and wool flannel
pillow shams??This white chair is a bright surprise amidst all these dark, rich leather bound books
Wood, Wood, Wood.... furniture,
paneling and cabinetry
If this is "HIS" closet.......
I'd like to see "HERS"
Every man I know seems to NEED ...
his leather chair
Stone carved marble busts

Plaid Prints
Big and Chunky Design Elements
such as Brick and Concrete

This is our "cave like" basement that my husband just loves.
You can see why.....
there's no Shabby Chic here!!!



It's me said…
Wauwwwww.......beautiful spaces !!!!!!

Happy summer day tommorow my love............hugs from me.......
You presented some perfect examples of a masculine bent to decorating that everyone would feel comfortable in. I love the richness of each image. It has depth and character. Something that is VERY difficult to produce in a white and light palate!

This makes me want to snuggle down and read!
Wonderful post, Gail!
Victoria said…
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower, I am following yours now also (the fuzzy grey icon, it's supposed to be cherubs!).

Your hubby's man cave is gorgeous! I love the bar area.

I just adore my new coasters and my lavender sachet, I've been sniffing it obsessively!
Oh how I LOVE those rooms! I really do appreciate a more masculine room. Of course I love the "Jeanne d'Arc Living" look with it's white, spare look, but oh how I am drawn to the deeper, cozier, handsome tones and textures of a more masculine look.

LOVED the browse through "his world"! :)


{P.S. = I so treasured your Father's Day words.... you are amazing... :) }
Libbie said…
I LOVE those stone arches in your home! What a cool space! Of course it is fabulous just like you!!!! You know how to keep 'em happy :) My husbamd would love a space like that too!
Tracey said…
I was going to say I love the bottom 2 pics the best! Now I know why!!! Beautiful. xxx
Kimmay said…
What great spaces! Thanks for following my blog- I will be sure to follow yours at well. And your readers can check out your feature on my blog, here: