You always know it's the month of May when the the
LILAC bushes start to bloom!
My daughter and just I love the smell out in the garden
and look forward to the fresh cuttings that make fragrant bouquets
around the house.
I can almost picture the bouquets she would make
for me when she was little.
Do you remember getting or giving bunches of cut flowers
with aluminum
foil and wet paper towels wrapped around the stems?
Somehow, their fragrance always reminds me that
Mother's Day is coming!
I think that's because their smell reminds me of my being
at my grandmother's house
when I was a little girl.
My grandma had a special lilac soap in her bathroom.
The scent of lilacs takes me directly back to her bathroom

where I can still visualize the space as it if I were

standing there today.
I can recall some wonderful
childhood memories with just one whiff each May.
These blooms remind me of so many happy memories
as a child, a grandchild and a mother.
Even the color, Lilac or Lavender (whichever you choose to call it)
conjures up such a dreamy thoughts and feelings for me.
It was the color of my room growing up as a child
and it is the color of my daughter's room now.
Even my favorite childhood shoes were lavender
patent leather Mary Janes!

I think just about ANYTHING looks better
in this
soft and muted purple shade...

How gorgeous is this setting?
I want to have a seat right now and enjoy a meal on the porch
Go see Yvonne at her BLOG to see more of this lovely tablescape

This could be my "grown up room" today!

What do you think, should I get them???

Climbing wisteria is so dreamy too!
Any lavender "MAY FLOWER" pretty much works for me!
Do you share a fondness for LILAC too?


Kristin said…
Love it, love it, love it!!!!

Kristin :)
BonjourRomance said…
Dear Gail,
Your lilacs are gorgeous! I can smell their fabulous scent all the way over here! Hope all is going well with you, where does the time fly to?
Will be in touch. Happy week to you,
It's me said…

so beautiful lilac !! i love it..............hugs from me Ria
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful post. Love lilacs, I keep waiting for mine to come out. I love to cut them & bring them indoors, they are so fragrant. That purple room is eye catching and I love the room with the damask wallpaper. xo
Thanks for following along with us, and we'll certainly be doing the same. Beautiful work you've done here. Love it! (And good to see you're a lover of Laduree too!)
Bonjour ~ Love this YUMMY lilac post! Hope you have a fabulous week ~ Chelle
Auntie Cake said…
I am so loving all your lilacs, I have been waiting and waiting for them to open here and this weekend they finally did. I grabbed big bunches from my mom and her neighbor and then made all six of us climb in the car and hold them on our laps. People were looking at us as we drove down the highway, all you could see was the driver, lilacs and a few heads. Waking up to their smell is the best!
PS- and yes, of course you need them!
Hi Gail, Great post today. I luv the wisteria growing on the porch. Thanks for sharing great pic's...Julian
LOVE those shoes!!
Such a great collection of gorgeous pics!
Wish you a beautiful week,
Maija said…
Hi my girlfriend, Gail!! You just won my friend connect giveaway! Please email me your addy so I can send the stuff off to you!

You can sign up for the online course as soon as you'd like. I've told Hop that Gail from Obee Designs won.

Thank you!!

You found some gorgeous lilac images here. My favorite is the lilac settee with the damask wallpaper!

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Your encouragement means so much!

Anonymous said…

So glad you stopped by and left a comment! Meeting other Jersey Girl Bloggers is always a pleasure! Your blog is beautiful and I know I will be back every morning having a cup of coffee while reading your words and finding inspiration in your photographs. Lilacs are one of my favorites. I love the fragrance. I just wish they lasted longer. Ours have already peaked.

- Deborah
The Zhush said…
YES!!! You are speaking my Lilac Language of LOVE! Just want to take this whole post home with me! xx
Anonymous said…
I can almost smell how beautiful your post is! I have a lilac tree in my yard and unfortunately it is done blooming for the year. Their flowering time span is very short; They smell wonderful though when I cut some branches and bring them inside. The whole house smells incredibly sweet!
Catherine said…
lovely color, lovely lilac and cupcakes! nice post.
KC said…
I love lilacs - that intoxicatingly sweet smell. You know what else I love about them? Unlike almost everything else, it is one of the few things that has remained "seasonal." Remember when we could only buy strawberries in June? Corn and watermelon only in the summer? My kids can't believe it. Lilacs are like Christmas -- they come around just once a year, which makes them all the sweeter. Thanks! Kris at
Anonymous said…
seriously I just love this post! your blog is wonderful :)
Great post! Love all these pictures! Some of them are GORGEOUS!!!!

Love your blog, I'm a follower now :o)
Anna Liesemeyer said…
I don't know how you always find so many wonderful images! Isn't it crazy how certain smells can take us to a time and place? What sweet memories you have of Lilac!
Thank you for sharing <3
Burlap Luxe said…
Thank you Gail for your wonderful comment, you are such a doll baby!!
Your post is one of the most beautiful post I have ever seen, the cupcakes yummy!! that iron chippy chair breathless, the cakes decor and of course all the wonderful LAVENDER tones do not go unnoticed.

Wow Anything in the Purple Family ----- Yeeeaaaahhhh!!!
BonjourRomance said…
Just stopping by to wish my dear blogger friend a very Happy Mother's Day weekend,
the pink prep said…
so pretty!! puts my little pic of lilacs taken on my kitchen counter to shame! ;-) -- ahhh, i do love lilacs!
Cristin said…
what a fun post! had to drop by... I love bees too!

La Dolfina said…
So much eye candy in this amazing post!!!
Just loved it!