I would like to wish ALL the wonderful ladies out
there in
blogland who are mothers a very
Do you remember playing dolls when you were a little girl...
dreaming of the day when you would be a
Then one day you became a Do you remember your first touch
and first kiss?
Now you know in your heart that
even Grandmom thinks so
So today celebrate

with your children
or your motherand say
until the cows come home
So go have a wonderful
If you are lucky enough to still have your
mother around
and your children to love!



Natasha said…
This is so sweet Gail. You always manage to post the most beautiful and unique messages and images at these special times of the year.

I hope your mother's day is truly wonderful!

Best wishes always,
Hi Gail! Even though Im not a mother. That is a great post for yours and other mothers on this special day. Do enjoy your day also...Julian
It's me said…
Wauwwwww......pretty!! happy Mother's day !!

Hugs from Ria..........
Hope said…
happy mother's day Gail. great post as always.
You were meant to be a blogger!!!(among all of your other talents)
Anonymous said…
Gail ~ Happy Mother's Day. What a truly beautiful post!! xo
Hello Sweet Gail!

What a lovely post my friend! Wishing you a wonderful love filled day!

Love and big hugs,
Lovely post!

Happy Mother's Day!
Auntie Cake said…
Hi Gail!
Loved your Mother's Day post. Then again, I love all your posts! Wishing you the most wonderful of Mother's Days with your beautiful family. BTW~ loving the new pics of you and your girl, and hubby too. Do strangers come to your door and ask you if your mom is home so they can talk to the lady of the house???
the pink prep said…
such a beautiful post! i am lucky to have four generations of ladies in my life -- thank you for reminding me how special they are and how blessed i am. happy mother's day to you, too!!
What a gorgeous, creative post..just beautiful..Rachaelxx