I just love
They are so sweet and innocent.
These days, they remind me of my father.

In a few days it will be two years that he has been

I'm sure he's in heaven,
being my guardian angel watching over me.

The angels in the first picture
were a gift to me from my mom
for Mother's Day.
They used to hang in my parents home for many years,
now they will hang in mine.
Every time I look at them, I now think of my dad

and hope he is keeping my family and me safe.
Below are a few of the other angels I have around my home
offering love and protection

These angels adorn my powder room

and this pretty one is in my family roomHere are some other pretty angels
I saw in my travels and thought you might enjoy

It looks like this pretty little ANGEL
has been working too hard...

I wonder who she's been protecting????

Aren't they gorgeous????
Here are some ANGELIC ITEMS
in my ETSYshop

Romantic French Perfume Label and Angel Coasters

Pretty Little Angelic...
Vintage Postcard Sachets
and some
Sweet Angelic Flour Sack Towels
Do you have special
watching over you?

I hope you find angels to be as
as I do!!



Pink Princess said…
LOVE your angels ♥ I collect angels too :)

Hugs from Marian
Anonymous said…
I am sure your Dad is smiling down on you. What a lovely tribute. I love angels too. I have some garden statues of angels I actually use indoors, lol. I have one in my Master Bath that I hand all my long necklaces on. xo
It's me said…
Love your angels......such a special memeory about your mother.............I have two angels watching over father.....and my dear brother.................hugs my dear...........from me Ria.........
Absolutely love the angel snoozing in the garden, so beautiful..Rachaelxx
Shaz said…
I love Angels - I too have them dotted around my house (are you not surprised??) My gorgeous dad passed 8 years ago. I still miss him so much. Something about daughters and their dad's.
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
Sweet sweet little angels, Gail. Lovely post!

Wishing you a wonderful day. xx
Libbie said…
I LOVE those 2 little angels in that oval frame peering down...doesn't get any sweeter!

HOW ARE YOU! I know time just flies by & life is getting crazier & crazier. I love your new stuff in your shop! You girls have been so busy! But I know you will do have fab style!

Gotta run...Rocco is calling :)
Auntie Cake said…
Hi Gail,
Love all your beautiful angels. The ones from you mom are just precious. What great family heirlooms! I am going to have to check out all the new things in your shop, we have been working on our house like crazy. We are living out of a couple rooms right now as we are having the floors finished. I know you have been busy as a bee lately also. Can't wait to see what you have to share with us, everything you do is so fantastic!
That is a great post with all the angels! I luv the garden angel with the moss all over it. Have a good weekend.....Julian
charmaine said…
hi Gail!! what a touching post! i know your dad is smiling down from heaven while watching over you and your family. i am a fan of angels too. any thing with wings, like humming birds and fairies. although fairies are not real Angels we know are real. they are a precious representation of God and that's why i love them so much. and the fact that they protect us.

how have you been? i've been so busy here lately. i had to take some time off. how's your family? i pray all is well. getting ready for the summer? i think we all need a little warming up. the winter really kicked our fannies.

well i wanted to stop by and say hello and Happy belated Mother's day to you too! hope you had a good one. also, i added your Obee button on my sidebar. hope it brings more customer to a super sweet person! hope your having a lovely week!

God Bless,

p.s. is that your daughter on your etsy page? she is gorgeous!! beautiful eyes.
Burlap Luxe said…
I love your angels, I agree with you your dad is your guardian angel and the fact that you think of the family angels that were gifted to as a reminder of your dad is beautiful. The other one is way to your earthly angel your (Mom)
My dad pasted on when I was 14, way to soon and he was way to young, I know he is mine.

A very beautiful post, and beautiful angels.
xx Dore