There's something about PINK that's so captivating to me.
I just love these white rooms that just have one little pop of this pale hue. White rooms can be so soothing.
Although, one little splash of pink can infuse these spaces
just enough to take the
soothe to ooooooooh in no time flat.
Are you a soother or an ooooh-er?


....oooooooh again

..... ooooh AND an aaaaah


I think I'm an oooooh-er and an aaaaaaaah-er!!!


Oh, all so beautiful and pink! If only a REAL house could look like that. I can't imagine I could keep all that white clean. But, they are fabulous and inspiring photos! Thanks for letting me dream!
Love the pictures of you and the fam! Miss you guys!
Tracey said…
Truly beautiful, each & every one...xxx
WhiteWhispers2u said…
How fun just a Splash of Pink can be! ~Cheers Kim
Natasha said…
You are so right about pink! I love every single one of these pretty pictures.

Your beautiful posts always inspire me Gail!

I love the new pictures of the family too!

Best wishes for a beautiful (and pink!) week,
Pink Princess said…
I am an OOOHHH and AAAAHHHH-er too lol. LOVE these, I adore pink ♥
Hugs from marian
Mayflower said…
Hello.......this is the first time I see your lovely blog. From the blog 'Stipje' I came here and I'm impressed by such beautiful pictures.
Warmly greeting, Mea
Where did you find so much gorgeousness? What beautiful examples of a little being enough..Rachaelxx
Anonymous said…
Simply beautiful post! Love the first dining room and those pink doors!
Gorgeous pictures! Just a touch of pink is so beautiful ~ especially paired with neutrals! If you get a minute come over & look at my master bedroom makeover...it's in grey & white with a smidge of a gorgeous light pink & one other smidge of turquoise! Also, I just posted an interview w/ the founder of Cabbages & Roses & we're giving away her new book!

Thanks for the inspiring shots!

How pretty and girly, love them all :)

All things nice...
Bella said…
What gorgeous photos! I am in love with that dining room in the second photo - and those pink doors! Too fabulous. Thanks for brightening my day. :)
Daisy said…
Your Majesty,

I love this color combination so verrrrry much! It is so soft, feminine, and innocent:)) the best images ever!!!!

Royal wishes,
Burlap Luxe said…
Each picture I pan down to gets better and better...I am so inspired by your taste and what makes your heart sing.


Hi Gail,
I'm so glad you found me so I could find YOU.
Gorgoues blog!!!
Your photos of roses are the best!
Warmest Blessings
It's me said…
I love pink !! and so i love your blog.............i will follow...and hope you will my too........hugs from Ria
Libbie said…
How elegant! Those pink doors are pretty gorgeous! And that little girls bed! Oh I thionk I was suppose to be rich :) If I were I would have someone here right now making Annie that bed :) that is why it is good I am not rich. But I do want to put it away in an idea file...you know...just in case :) thanks for the gorgeousness Gail!!!
Auntie Cake said…
Gail I think I fell in love with every one of those pictures! And I am both, I love the whites, but somehow I always end up painting my walls with color.

Did I ever tell you about my pink family room? I love it, need to finish it off, but your pics have given me some inspiration!
Just love all your gorgeous images. Pink just brings out the best in us. I'm an ooohhher and an aaahhher also. Your blog is just beautiful and I'm really enjoying browsing your posts. Have a wonderful weekend!
This is a fabulous collection of such lovely interiors and decor. Thanks for sharing!

DustyLu said…
Amazing eye candy! Thank you for putting it all together so beautifully! Love, Love it all. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me so that I can now follow you. Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment! ~lulu