Earth Day is this week
so I thought I should spend some time
outside in the garden being at one with nature,
appreciating all the beauty of the flora and the fauna.
There's something so intoxicating about the sights,
sounds and aroma from an impeccably manicured
garden that just knocks me off my feet...
that I can't even drink my teaor hang up my laundry
As long as it is a beautiful day I can always celebrate
a Birthday or a Wedding
into the wee hours of the night
What a great place to enjoy a pretty or
a new piece of furniture
...or use some of your prettiest china
...or play a game or two
Aren't mazes fun?
I think I'm getting dizzy
Whether you're taking a nap outside,
taking a nature walkspending time with your lionor just hanging around looking pretty
Go Au Naturelle and enjoy all the splendor
Mother Nature has provided.
What do you like to do outdoors????


Dragonfly said…
Such great pictures!! I feel like going outdoors too now!
Great post! Im all for the garden pic's. The 2nd to the last reminds me of a garden in New Orleans I had toured. Thanks for sharing...Julian
I like to spend time outdoors, in my flowy pink dress petting my lion. :D

Beautiful pix, Gail! As always!
Hi Gail, Thank You for the birthday greeting. When I was 25 I would do the month of march and may as part of my birthday months. Now that I am older I just consider all of April as my b~day month. Thank You again. And have a good week....Julian
Anonymous said…
Truly beautiful photos!
It's me said…
Walk with the dogs !! ........ow what a party to be here today !! such a nice beautiful pictures...............i love them all !!! thanks !!! give your babies a bigggg hug from me ...........i wanna ask.what country do you from ???........Have a great evening hugs from me...............Ria
Bella said…
Fabulous photos! I just love all of these. I like to garden or just sit outside and read.
Anna Liesemeyer said…
I feel like I just walked through a daydream!! so heavenly!!
Beautiful images Gail. Hope you are having a wonderful week!
Libbie said…
Hey there...I just came in from spending time with my lion :) I mean watching my kids outside & now I am thinkig these jeans & a t-shirt just don't cut it Gail.!! Now I need to go out 7 get a gown to hang out in, in my yard...I mean I would love to be that lovely outside :) & now all day I will picture you hanging out your laundry like that :)

Wouldn't it be fun to have doors to a secret garden like that? Oh the fun the kids would have!!!

You are so funny...you don't ever have to say sorry for not stopping by! I Know you are one busy girl!!! )I still like being called a girl instead of lady :) You are sweet thouh & I always love visiting! Now go get that laundry off your line before the neighbor men are driving home from work...your beauty is liable to cause a few car accidents!
As stunning and entertaining as always, just incredible..Rxx