a day that makes me think about what I can
do to help save our planet.
So NATURAL-Y I thought of one of my favorite things-
It makes me crazy to see perfectly good things get thrown out,
only to end up in a landfill.
I don't understand how we think we can continue
to put things in the ground that will never disintegrate
or at least not in our lifetime.
We have one world and if we continue on this path,
it will only get smaller and smaller.
Who wants to live on a toxic waste dump?
Don't get me started or I'll end up on my soapbox on this topic.
It really does make me crazy.
I grew up with two parents who survived the Depression.
They have always been very appreciative for whatever they had
and held onto things until they had absolutely no more use...
and then some.
They were savers and taught me to do the same.
I know it makes my husband crazy, he is not.
His motto used to be,
"Get rid of it, if you need one again a year from now, get another one.
I don't want to look at all this junk"

Ouch! JUNK?? I think not!
One man's trash is another one's treasure

Before he met me, all of this precious, shabby junk
would have been in his trash.
Now, he is growing (he's not there all the way yet)
to have an appreciation for the finer things in life...

Be still my SHABBY heart,
NONE of these things belong in a dumpster!
I am a proud recycle-er.
So today, being Earth Day,
I hope I can inspire you to be a recycle-er too!!

Look at these
These frames are so great they don't even need pictures
Here are some beautiful
Who needs a handle when you've got re-cycled rope??
salvaged windows too
This baby is mine
I am just loving what Dusty Lu did with this old window
Click here to see the rest of her fabulous kitchen!
My Parents sold 2 columns like this at a yard sale they had many years back for $10.00I'd say someone got a steal
What was I thinking?? I should have bought them!!
Maybe these are the columns I passed up years ago...
Oh how nice they look
Talk about regrets!!!
I love vintage tin tiles
This hangs in the entry at my beach home
All I can say about this kitchen is WOOOWW!
What cool ceilings
A Chic Shabby Shed
Isn't bead board the best????
and isn't this the coolest wall treatment??
The shabbier the better
The same goes for old white wicker

or metal chairs
or wooden benches, for that matter
Distressed farm tables are perfect
especially in a narrow space
What's not to love about this space?
I heart the baby chandelier

These pieces of furniture are sooo
Here's a great display case from Rachel Ashwell
Cool vintage signs are some of my favorites, no matter what they say
...well, within reason
What does it say, anyway??
Great ways to re-purpose
vintage odds and ends
another lovely from Vintage Weave
Like I tell my daughter all the time
"It's not what you've got, it's how you use it"
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Libbie said…
When ever I paint anything I just sand it anyway :) LOVE all the columns! I think I love too many things :)
It's me said…
Happy recycling too my dear !!

I like all your pictures they are great !! without paint...........o yes !!! i love them !!

I am a recycle type !! i love to have old stuff!!.....happy evening hugs from me Ria
Oh Gail, where do I begin to tell stories about you trash picking furniture from the curb? I believe I wrote about it in a blog post not too long ago.

Remember the time you saw a bedroom set, but couldn't pick it up because you had a trunk full of groceries. Drove home, quickly unloaded the groceries and drove back to get it, only to find a trash picker with a pick-em-up truck, eyeballing it. You pulled your SUV up, jumped out and said, "Oh, these are mine!" and proceeded to load it all into your vehicle.
sharon said…
Hi Gail
What a great collection of photos. I so agree about junk and recycling. Every year we take part in the village Foire a tout, sort of collective yard sale and it makes me so happy to give away or sell for a few euros stuff that should have gone to the tip!
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment.
Jacqueline said…
Dear Gail,
First of all, many thanks for your comments. I'm so sorry that I haven't been over to see you before now but, I have so many blogs on my sidebar, it takes me an age to comment on them all !! I have put you on my sidebar now so, I won't forget you. Bear with me if I don't comment everytime but, if I did everybody, everytime they posted, I think that I would be on the computer all day, everyday !!
I love each and everyone of these images. I want it all in my own home !
One of our English interiors had an article about the house in photgraphs 15, and 31 and it is one of my all time favourites. I think that it was actually an apartment in Paris..... even better !! I have just this minute got in from buying a shabby chic mirror with doors and, it wasn't very expensive.
Gorgeous images, Gail and will be back soon. XXXX
Gail, what a pretty blog!
Ciao, hai perfettamente ragione, essere shabby fa bene al mondo. Non sprechiamo ma recuperiamo le vecchie cose, brava bellissime le foto del tuo blog.Buona settimana, Nicoletta.
Annie said…
Thanks for coming by all things annie! I also love anything chiped up and glittered. I will add you to my blogroll. I also love your dogs!!