Today is the FIRST day of SPRING!!!!
I hope we are finished with the snow,
it was a rough winter
This sweet little crocus plant emerging from the snow is a sure sign
of hope that warm Spring days are upon us
Time to start planting your bulbs

Forsythia, one of the first Spring plants to paint the landscape...
YELLOW... just like the daffodils
Grape Hyacinthsclustered
in pretty containers
inside your home early in the season
and outside as soon as the first warms days come
Hyacinths with their soft and sweet fragrance
evoking the feeling of springtime and Easter
Delicate, tiny violets
carpeting the landscape
along with their larger counterpart... the Pansy
The delicate bell-like Lilly of Valley
with it's fresh, crisp, white color and clean aroma

Are you getting excited for those warm Spring days with
gentle breezes, sunshine and all of
those fragrant blossoms
waiting to emerge in the next days and weeks to come?
I'm off to grab my sunglasses now!


Vicki said…
Awww, I can smell them already...then I look out and still see snow. But I know it will all melt soon and the flowers will emerge..along with the weeds! Thanks for sharing a sweet first day of spring with us. I'm catching up and going to see what I've missed. have a great weekend..
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
I love love love Spring flowers, especially all blue and white ones! Lovely pictures. The buds will pop out very soon, over here, looking soooo forward to that!
Have a Super Sparkling Springtime! xo
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
I am getting excited to see some sunny Spring days again, especially after seeing all these gorgeous flowers you have here.
Here's to a fabulous Spring and a new pair of sunglasses.
Auntie Cake said…
A beautiful reminder that spring is coming soon! And a good pair of sunglasses always makes me smile. I stole my last pair from Libbie, I love them!
Libbie said…
Oh you so got me in the mood!!! And I TOTALLY saw that about my sunglasses. She ALWAYS does that...I always leave them at her house, or at my mom's 7 I never see them again...correction..I see them...jsut not on me. She is lucky I like to change them a lot...i do just say, Keep 'em :) Oh I so ramble! Sorry about that! Back to the flowers! The snow has melted here & I am ready to get out in the gardens but since it is WAY too early & I know it I have been in the back yard stomping trails for the kids through the woods before it gets too thick. Hopefully it will work! I should throw some seed out back in there. Your flowers are inspiring! Hope you are doing well Gail! Thanks for the Spring!