I have to say, I am really partial to black and tan animals and animal prints


I must say restraint is needed when using leopard in design. The old adage LESS IS MORE is definitely true. If a little is good, then more must be better doesn't work here. No, that can be a train wreck. Just ONE pop of leopard works. Whether it be in the way of a handbag, shoes (not both), a sweater or belt when getting dressed or a throw, a pillow, a small upholstered piece, an area rug or a decorative accessory in a room, it can create some excitement and sophistication in your outfit or room.
Just remember a little goes a long way.
Does l
eopard suit your personality?


It's no wonder my niece calls me "Aunt Leopard"!!!!!


Auntie Cake said…
Hi Gail~
Love all your leopards! For the past few years I have been trying to convince my hubby that I need to take out the half wall by our staircase, replace with a cool railing, then rip up our carpet and replace with hardwood so I can get a beautiful leopard print runner for my stairs. Wish me luck, I came close, but only to add on a family room instead of the stairs. I am back to square one with that argument. Love all your pictures!

Have a great week,
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail or should I say 'Aunt Leopard"?
Wow, Gwen Stephani certainly likes it, and Dita alsways looks so glamorous. Your coasters are cute.
Hope you had a fabulous weekend, I'm sure you've been having a busy time - which is definitely a good thing!
Big hug my friend!
Lee said…
I think leopard is sleek and a lends a faint hint of 'naughty'!

As Austin Powers says...'Obee haaave'
SogniSorrisi said…
Those boots are fierce. Love the look of leopard with red lips. Kate's jacket is great and I love the blue and white room with leopard rug!
Hi Sweet Gail,

Be still my leopard loving heart! Goodness that is some gorgeous leopard beauties you featured…I'll take one of each please!

Your fur babies are so cute!

Have a wonderful and blessed week my friend!!

Girl, where did you get all those photos of ME in my leopard skin??? tee hee (oh I wish!)
I have to admit...I love it too...secretly of course. I couldn't get away with dressing like that in my little town...
Dragonfly said…
Fabulous stuff. I used to od on animal print, but have hugely toned it down now.
I think I'm needing the scarf - definately!
Have a great week :-)
And this is why you were always Ginger to my Mrs. Howell.
Libbie said…
That is so cute that your neice calls you Aunt Leopard! I personally have never been able to pull off animal prints. When I moved into my house though the designer had done the whole house in animal prints. It had never even been lived it but it was the show house for the nieghborhood. The LAST room I redid was the leopard print bathroom. The WHOLE bathroom was covered in leopard -metallic of course-wallpaper. I gotta admit...your post made me miss it...just a tad :) DOn't tell anyone! :)
WhiteWhispers2u said…
Gotta Love a Leopard with spots! Fabulous~

I think your Pups are darling, I agree I like the tan and brown coat as well.They look a lil rustic.Lol~Kim
charmaine said…
hey Gail!!

Meow, meow, and meow again! i am just loving this post. i love leopard, the print just really goes with anything. look at the fabulous rooms you posted,gorgeous! i like to wear it too, but like you said a little goes a long way, you either wear the shoes or sport the bag but not both. i think it's elegant too when it's done very tastefully like your images. the dog image is too cute.

thank you for your sweet comments and concern. i'm doing fine. i just got back in contact with a long lost sister. we have been talking each other ears off. so i've been sneaking post in here and there. but i wanted to stop by and say hello my good friend. praying all is well in your neck of the woods. how have you been? i see your blog is just as beautiful as always. keep in touch and ill check back with you soon! :)

God Bess,

love the post below too!
Vicki said…
Nope, sorry, I'm not one that is into the leopard stuff much. But the pictures are fun, especially the lips! And if I were ever to decide to get something leopard, it would be your fun coasters! Love the contrast of that and the flowers..
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
Lovely lovely Leopard pictures! Wouldn't go for it myself, but your photos are lovely, Gail.
Have a sweet day!
Queen "B" said…
Aloha my sweet friend,
You make Leapard look fabulous....
I have always leaned more towards FUR!!
yes I am a fur freak...I know all the politcal issues, but if it is already dead, lets not waste it:)
Paris had the most incredible Russian Sable I have ever seen, on the Champs Elyse, I think I left drool on the store window!!

Thank you for reminding of one of my favorite things! :)
sending you lots of warm Hawaiian sunshine,
the water was TOPAZ today,
Aloha my sweet
Bonjour! This is the best post ever. I adore leopard anything! I wear it. My chandelier bulbs wear it. My tile floors wear it. A few of my pillows wear it. I just did a post showing off my Victorian Settee & Chairs now wearing it. So, I would have to say, I love all the photos you shared with us. Merci!