It's that time of year when I turn another year older, but not before I have a little fun doing ALL the things I love to do! I hope to stretch out the festivities into what I call
Take time to smell the roses
Birthdays are for
spending time with my mother...
and my sisters
and my husband and daughter
Birthdays are for getting all dolled up
to go outand celebrateand dance!Birthdays are for shopping
with girlfriendsand eating cakeand doing more shopping together in New York Citywindow shopping...and shoe shopping!Birthdays are for relaxing with a great box of chocolatesor some yummy ice cream and a good book or decorating magazineand some comfy slippers after all that dancing!
And when "BIRTHDAY WEEK" is over with all the
excitement and goodies...

it's time to get in some much neededExercise!!!
COPYRIGHT BELLA PILAR, all rights reserved

After all, I've got to take care of myself. I did just turn another year older
..... 29.....RIGHT??????

A very special THANK YOU to
for letting me use her images to tell my story about
"Birthday Week"
She is an amazingly talented artist with an attention to detail, as you can tell from her whimsical, feminine paintings.
As soon as I saw her work it was love at first sight.
If you didn't notice, I think she loves leopard as much as I do!
Go to her website to see more from this very talented lady.
I'm sure you'll fall in love with her work just like I did.
I hope you enjoy!!


Auntie Cake said…
A very Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you get all those fun activities in. Our youngest sister has a birthday week also, she plans too much fun for just one day!
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Birthday-Girl,
Happy Birthday to you dear Gail. I didn't know. 29 of course! Me too. You look fabulous my dear and wishing you the best Birthday Week ever - you deserve it! We turn it into a weeklong celebration as well.
All my best Gail!
Big birthday bisous,
Anna Liesemeyer said…
Gail!! Happy Birthday week friend!!
I hope its filled with blessings and surrounded by those you love.

what beautiful illustrations! and as always so good to hear from you!
WhiteWhispers2u said…
Cheers to you Gail! Salute! You have to eat Cake...........Enjoy~Kim xox
Great Blog and the art is so cool. Happy B~Day. Beautiful pic's on your older post. Have a good one.
Happy Birthday, Gail! Wish I was there to celebrate with you. Especially the ice cream part. ;)
Gail how really odd that I came on here this evening and found your comment because on my way to work today I was thinking that you and I had lost contact. So I had planned when I got home to check on you and then there you were on my site. Life is strange isn't it.
Love this Birthday celebration these pictures are the best...I was just wondering where you got them all when I read the end of your post. She is very creative...will have to check her out.
Yes my byte thing has be really upset because blog sites eat up bytes with all their pictures..That is why I only show one post on my page now at a time....
Everyone is kind and tells me to sweitch but living where I do there is no other option at least for the time being.
Hope you have a very special Birthday and eat a piece of cake for me too.
So happy we connected and no your breath is fine its only
Natasha said…
Happy Happy Birthday beautiful Gail! I hope that your birthday week is as special and lovely as you! Enjoy every minute of the fun that you have planned and let everyone spoil you...all week!!

Best wishes always,
Here's wishing you a very happy and fabulous birthday week! Hope that 2010 is a special year for you.

Leeann x
Kristin said…
That's so beautiful! I love the post and everything about it! Birthdays are wonderful! And Happy Late Birthday to you! Hope your day was special!!! Loved this!!!!
Hello Sweet Friend and a very Happy Birthday Week to you! I adore you girl and I wish you all the wonderful things your heart desires.

I am completely smitten with Bella Pilar, her work is fabulous and makes my heart skip beats!

Thank you Gail for your lovely comment, I really appreciate your offer...I was wondering, do you know anyone that clones? I need one of me to work, clean house and do laundry and then another me to craft, visit with blog buddies and shop. Let me know! LOL

Big Birthday hugs to you Sweet Friend!!
charmaine said…
Happy, Happy Birthday Gail!! you are just a jewel! wishing you all the best and i hope you get to do everything on your wish list! you deserve it. have a fabulous birthday week my friend filled with love and peace! may all your dreams come true! :)

i am just loving this post! i love Bella Pilar, her work is so pretty and feminine. this post fits you perfectly, colorful and cheery. thank you for your comments. you are always so sweet! talk to you soon! enjoy.

God Bless,
French Kissed said…
Hope you have a super happy birthday week!

Hope said…
we will have a great shopping trip to NYC tomorrow. Looks like the weather will cooperate in the big apple. A perfect end to the perfect week.
Queen "B" said…
Aloha my sweet Sista,
I am so Happy you are celebrating your special day with the ones you love most!
maybe someday Karyn, you and I can celebrate together! You are an amazing Woman with God Given Talents that shine through all that you do.Your deep love for your Family is evidence of this as well as your passion for life, your style and essence of femininity and Grace.I consider it an honor to have the chance to know you and celebrate you.You are an example of why people should be celebrated!
Life is a gift that should be as treasured as you are....
You are in my Thoughts this Birthday week and just know you have a Sista across the sea that sends her love and Fabulous Diva wishes from one Queen to another ;)
Aloha love
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
Love all of your sweet adorable images! Have a happy happy birthday and a wonderful weekend! xo
Libbie said…
Birthday WEEK? Maybe that's why I like you so much :) If anyone can pull off stretching out a's you :) I hope you get to do soemthing fun with Megan! My sis Rach is pretty good at it too. Her birthday is in August, but she starts her wish list in about March. I am not even kidding. Oh & this year she is turning 32 so she has a theme...sweet 16 times too. She kills me :)

But I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY!!! If I weren't so bad at mailing I would send you a card :) But if I got bought one wouldn't get it until May or maybe June...I have a stack of Thank Yous that I still need to adress from ages ago...they are so over due that at this point it is embarrassing to send them! But I will...probably in about a month :) (One is to you :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAIL!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! Mimi at Bonjour Romance directed me to your blog thinking I would like it and she was correct! Beautiful blog looking forward to following you!
The only thing better than Birthday Week is Birthday Month! Mine was earlier this month. Have a fabulous fun week! Love the images!
hugs and blessings,