Roses are such beautiful and romantic flowers.
They come in such a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.
Not only are they gorgeous to look at,
they are so fragrant and delicate.
I just LOVE any variety or color that comes my way.
I have a slight obsession with them and
every chance I get, I'm trying to cluster them
in pretty vases around the house.
Pink of course is a favorite, but the feminine,
soft, blush colored rose tea rose really is at
the top of the list for me.

Rachel Ashwell and her Shabby cabbage roses
also rank up at the top as some of my favorites too!

Aren' t these the kind of soaps you'd love in your bathroom?

Check out my fragrant sachets in my ETSY shop

These rose-y paintings can be found HERE





Loving this artist
Christie Repasy
visit her BLOG

French artist Paul DeLongpre

I hope you take time
in life to smell the roses
It kind of makes you wish this was a scratch and sniff post
.....doesn't it????


Kristin said…
Oh, yes, soooo beautiful!!!
I can almost smell them now. Remember the rose bushes we had on Byron Drive? (We cut a rosebud and made a boutonniere for Dom Puggi for the eighth grade dance (!) I think I killed that rose bush in record time. Do you grow them? I'd love to.
Hello Sweet Friend,

What a delightful treat, such gorgeous photos and I adore your sachets...gorgeous!!!

Thanks for the eye candy and lovely break from www.trying to load my dang store.com LOL!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Big hugs,
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
Such a beautiful post, what is better than roses? The paintings by Chari W. are lovely. Your flower sachets fit in wonderfully.
How have you been my friend. We need to talk soon and catch up. WIll check in with you soon.
Have a fabulous Sunday,
I luv the first rose bowl and the rose garden was beautiful. I thought the rose shaped soaps were the flowers on top of a cake. They were looking delicious. You see I have a bad sweet tooth. Thanks for shareing....Julian
Vicki said…
trying to do some blog hopping to catch up today and OH, am I glad I stopped here. I LOVE the smell of roses and this brought it all back to me after the long winter we've had. I had a room decorated in Rose things years ago, then changed it. But I still have a few things left. like a collection of old rose plates. Hmmm, maybe it's time to change back..(o:

Having a Giveaway on lifesoverhaul.blogspot.com

Come enter! And thanks for your visit yesterday. We have some things in common..
Tracey said…
Beautiful post, beautiful roses! They have really cheered me up....thanks. xxx
go on with your shabby self!!! thanks so much for stopping by my blog..and yes, i just might be chelsea hander's long lons (hotter, funnier) twin;)
the roses are spectacular. who doesn't like roses? stupid people is who.
The Zhush said…
It does make me wish that! Amazing round up! Lucky for me I own that very same Jo Malone cologne, off to spray it now!
Sarah Esther said…
oh that rose jewelry (the ring!) is gorgeous.

thanks for the cologne, too... i've been looking for a new rose scent since Caswell Massey closed..
What a gorgeous blog - an absolute visual feast! Jo Malone Red Roses is ALL I ever wear! Thanks for your lovely comment, I'll add you to my blog roll and see you soon in Blogland..Rachaelxx
Libbie said…
I can smell those babies from here!!! :)

Oh & THAT BABY!!! Good thing she is not mine I could never say no to her & I would ruin her for sure :) She is soooo cute! I just need to squeeze her & give her a kiss!!! (maybe two) I am a baby kisser :) My poor Rocco wears a lot of lipstick on his cheeks :)

It gets me excited for the fresh flowers coming! I think I need to get some just for us when I go to the store but I really love them best out of the garden. Are you a gardener? I love it but I really just can handle the 3 small gardens I have. When the kids get older I will take on more...but for now... I just hope I get a few minutes to weed between chasing kids before my neighbors ask me to move :)

I loved your roses Gail!
Rebecca said…
Eeek! I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Don't know how I found you but I'm glad I did!

Whoo Hooo!

I love roses! I did a post on my blog about roses around my house. I have a lot more than I realized. So happy to have found your blog. I love it.

WhiteWhispers2u said…
Hello Gail~I am sending you a Beautiful Blogger Award if you would like see me @ whitewhispers2u.blogspot.com ~Cheers kim
Aaaaahhhh...Roses I LOVE them!
Your blog is so beautiful!
I will be back,