I thought I'd share some of my favorite images I've drooled on while dreaming of ways to be sophisticated, lovely and elegant.
I have to say these images are all screaming
Wouldn't you have to agree??

Which images are screaming at you????


Auntie Cake said…
Hi Gail,
Hope you are having a wonderful day, Martha's settee that Francesca and Sharkey are sitting on is just begging to be put in my family room. I really need that one! I also love that nursery. (don't think my husband would appreciate is quite as much as I do!)
Ms. Bake-it said…
I have to agree that most of them are screaming
"I'M BEAUTIFUL." I absolutely love the nursery which is not only beautiful, but serene.

~ Tracy
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour dear Gail,
Yes every image is elegant and sophisticated..much like you and Meghan. Those underwater photos are so great and the double shots with the black gown and that flirty little outfit with the umbrella are both wow.
Hope you are doing okay with everything spinning so fast - take care my friend!
Queen "B" said…
Aloha my sweet friend ,
Have you got your Agent yet??
So glad I dropped in to visit. Super busy getting my son ready to leave, lots to do.
As always, you entertain me and leave me smiling,
have a great weekend
They are all so gorgeous! I really love the photo of the lady floating and her gorgeous dress...wowza! I also love the dogs adorned with the gorgeous jewels and the ruffle necklace with the jewels...sigh!

Have a fabulous weekend sweet friend!

These are lovely, but not as beautiful as your very own house. I think you should post more pictures of your foyer, your living room, your kitchen and your back patio. :)
Tracey said…
WOW gorgeous!!! Oh, and that nursery...beyond beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to thank you too Gail for the really nice comment you left for me on my latest post...just so kind of you...THANK YOU!!!

Hugs ~

:) T
I like all the pictures.:-) Stina
Libbie said…
Okay ...even though that top girl looks lovely...if I saw someone doing that on the street I would be a little worried :) that's not you is it? :) Although after I write this I will probably stand up & try it...if you tell anyone....well...I know you won't :)

I haven't felt at all like blogging this week so I took a little break but I knew yours would be my first visit! It just felt so good not to be on the computer much! Spring fever is here! :)

But yes...you know lovely!
Auntie Cake said…
Hi Gail~
Just came back to view your beautiful images. I needed an extra boost of beauty to start off my week!
Lily Lemontree said…
All so stunning, I could never pick just one!
Hope you have a great week!