Relaxed country is so soothing and inviting, especially
when it's done in whites and creams.
Now, add in a soft, calming

and you can almost feel
your blood pressure drop.

You would have a hard time pulling me out of any of these spaces!
I would be hard pressed to have to choose my favorite space.
Each one has it's own personality, but are all equally gorgeous.

Now that spring is almost here,
it won't be long before we can start incorporating
pretty blue flowers into any all white or cream spaces.

This pop of blue takes calming to a new level.
It kind of makes you want to curl up and take a nap,
I don't think Fido would mind if you joined him....

I have to say this room is my winner....
that is, if I was forced to choose, of course!


Gorgeous photos and I L-O-V-E that staircase!

Have a wonderful week!!

cardinalkay said…
Terrific post! I am trying to incorporate light walls and pale blue in my decor, too! IKEA has some beautiful pale blue curtain panels, some of which will hang at my windows and some of which will be sewn into slipcovers for our parson's chairs. (Mc Calls has a pattern! Who knew?) TTYL.
WhiteWhispers2u said…
G'Day~I love the Beachy bright blues with all white and then the soft blues with my sage green walls.Blue is a very soothing color.~Kim
Those pictures are so fabulous! Love every single one!! So serene & lovely!


Just found you so I'm off to browse around!
Gorgeous, I love blue so much, so pretty and serene, my bedroom is blue too :) The colour of the sky, ocean and lakes :)

All things nice...
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
You are right, blue is the perfect calming effect. I love that staircase too. You have the most beautiful images.
Hope you're off to a fabulous week my friend!
Big hug,
I have to agree with you that last room is gorgeous, definantly a winner. great pictures.
Thank you gail for your lovely comment on my post, yes it would be wonderful for you to show my umbrella photo on a future post. Thank you, have a lovely day.
Anna Liesemeyer said…
oooo you have totally renewed my appreciation for blue in homes. This is beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful week friend! <3
Libbie said…
I am TOTALLY going to rip up my carpet & paint my stairs blue...well Kelly might kill me....maybe I will sneak out to Kate's tonight & do hers...or even better yet...if you have blue stairs tomorrow it is your own made me. They are to cool!