What better color to talk about and look at this month than RED?????
You'll be seeing plenty of it this month. Let's face it
is just around the corner.
I hope you fall in love with these images....




WhiteWhispers2u said…
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Queen "B" said…
Aloha my sweet friend!
RED is my favorite POWER color!!
It seems that colors are always attached to an emotion. Did you know that attorneys wear dark blue for integrity and pair the suit with a red tie for power? just a random "did you Know"?
Hey that could be a fun post!!
I hope you had a great weekend and I am looking forward to our cali get together!!:)
sending you Aloha hugs
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
Yes I've fallen in love with this post. Red has become my favortie colour over the last several years. Love the red umbrella and that red door at the top of the steps - hmmm wonder what is behind there! The red velvet cake looks so good right now.

February is the perfect month for red - Valentine's is coming up fast and I can't wait. I'm a hopeless romantic and have all kinds of silly things planned for my honey - he's so patient with me! Do you have lots of lovely things planned for your family? I'm sure you will make it special.
Wsihing you a fabulous week mon amie!
Tracey said…
WOW! My favourite colour, depicted beautifully! xxx
Dragonfly said…
I love to look at these pictures featuring such beautiful red things - but I don't like to wear red or use it to decorate in my own home. So strange .....
Love all your colour wheel pics below too. Fab :-)
Cheers, Karen
Libbie said…
I do! I love red! I have to admit favorite pictures were the food ones :) I think that means it is time for an early lunch :)

I actually have never had a piece of red velvet cake, last time I tried to buy one from the Target bakery because I had the weekend to myself (just a slice:) I dropped it right in the bakery section....they gave me a new one & then when I was checking out...the cashier dropped it...I figured it just wasn't meant to be :) So for now -I will just look at your piece of red velvet cake :)

Did the filming work out yet? I can't wait to hear about it!
Fifi Flowers said…
Oooooh RED is a FAB colour!!!
Natasha said…
I love all these beautiful pictures Gail! I don't use much red but maybe I should! It is full of passion and strength isn't it!

Love the previous post on colour clever!

Enjoy the rest of the week and best wishes always, Natasha.
charmaine said…
hey Gail!!

what's up girlfriend? how are you? i missed you! i see your still posting fabulous post. i tell you, i have fallen in love with all of these beautiful red images. i love red and need to do more red post, especially since the love month is here. you have inspired me to do one. the dogs are too cute and that red velvet cake is pulling me in from all directions. i think that's the southern girl in me. i'm still waiting on this lottery win so we can go on that spa date girl! thank you for your sweet comments. your a jewel! talk to you soon!!

God Bless,
Anna Liesemeyer said…
what a great collection of photos!
I loooove the fire hydrant, candy apples, heels, fun.
Hope you are having a great week. Thanks for brightening mine!