Modern day Dorothy?

Modern day TOTO?

What a TEMPTING apple!
I don't think this one's poisonous, just pricey

Perfect for your RED wine to protect your.....


I don't know Dorothy, these shoes are PRETTY tempting!MWAH!


BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
Red bling indeed. Those Dorothy pumps are something else and could definitely clip on a pair of those diamond and ruby sparklers, add alot of ooh la la with those lips!
I did a new post today, I hope you and Meghan like it.
We'll talk soon Gail!
Auntie Cake said…
Oh Gail,
I have been so busy watching the Olympics, that I haven't been making the blog rounds that I usually do. It was so much fun to come and catch up with your B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L posts! Be still my swooning heart! So much loveliness going on here. And I have to tell you, you are my hero for actually getting out there and making a difference about a cause that is near and dear to your own heart... Most of us sit around and think of things while you and Meghan are out there actually doing something. You rock!

Have a great weekend, I am back to the Olympics, can't seem to get enough of them. I have finally realized that I am not going to be able to participate in the games as an athlete, so the next best thing to do is to cheer them on from my family room. And yes, they most certainly can hear me cheering for them. I yell really loudly, and Canada is just right above Minnesota!
Lily Lemontree said…
I think we all need a little red bling once in awhile to shake things up a bit!
Great post, beautiful images!
Have a great weekend!
Queen "B" said…
Aloha my seet lovely friend, you know I so look forward to your thoughts,Thanks so much for comming by and sharing with me. First I want to say that the RED BLING is so wonderful, love the red dress pin!
Youv'e got such a brilliant sense of style...I enjoy looking through your eyes at all of your creative designs. It is quality when you magnify your talent like you do, that is what makes you stand out as an artist.

Ok, now as for the swimming know I love the deep end because of it's sense of depth...and yes pretty scary if you don't know how to swim but remember, thats when the survival skills kick in. Testing what you are truly capable of. Now I like to be able to touch the bottom as much as you do, , quite frankly I like a pool chair in the shallow end and an Ice cold drink with some great tunes and lunch served, but I know that the deep end is the best place to be because that is where I am tested in my strength and where there is an option for more swimming(LEARNING AND GROWING). You know, after this short couple of months getting to know you a little better, I think you are a very deep swimmer and the line as to "that which does not kill us makes us stronger" happens to be one of my FAV's STEEL MAGNOLIAS classic!!
One more thought, even though the deep end is the least comfortable, it is also a place to teach others to swim or maybe a quick lesson in lifesaving techniques, either way those that swim in the deep help to save those that don't. I'd be on your team anytime!!!
I think you have great depth to your spirit and I feel blessed to know you.
all my Aloha dear friend
Anonymous said…
Hi Gail~
What a feast for the eyes! I'm so glad we're connecting through the maze of wonderful web women! I'm a Jersey girl too with many of your same passions and am happy to help further your cause I read about on Bonjour Romance. I'm going to add you to my blogroll right now and am happy to have found you and your daughter!
Anna Liesemeyer said…
wow!! what a beautiful array! Gotta love red bling for february! Those shoes are so fun! I love your color posts:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
All the best,
Annesphamily said…
What a terrific R E D post! I truly think it is just perfect! Thanks to Bonjour Romance for sending me your way.

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