If we choose to look
is all around us .
There are so many beautiful things God created on this earth. We just have to take the time to look for it. Sometimes, when we are in love everything looks a little different to us: a little brighter, a lighter sweeter, a little prettier, a little pinker...




Wonderful images :) Love them :) Hope you have a great valentines weekend :)

All things nice...

Thank you for your lovely post, yes I don't mind at all, I'm glad people read my posts and they get some inspiration from them :) I wish I didn't have to work full time but as I'm in my 20's I need to make some money for my life ahead :) Someday I hope that I can afford to work part time only and enjoy my life with my family :) I like to keep busy so I will like being back at work. I will enjoy the challenge of work and look forward to it :) Love visiting your blog and looking forward to that post :)

All things nice...
Dragonfly said…
Beautiful pics!! Happy Valentines!
Tracey said…
How sweet! I love the paw
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
I so enjoyed this heartfelt post (uugh sorry). Seriously you have the best images. Love that little heart strawberry and the fluffy cloud. Yes I am seeing things differently these days.
Will be in touch soon my friend.
Good evening!
Frenchy chick said…
That was super cute!!! Come see my blog. I am a designer from Paris. Let's be blog buddies!
Frenchy chick said…
Your blog link on your profile is broken, not the same?...So now i can put your sign and blog together. Thanks for your comment and being a friend. Yes, a lot of people are struggling with their homes, lost their jobs...very ugly.
Come say hi again. XOXO
Julie Harward said…
THANKS FOR THE VISIT TO MY BLOG AND ALL YOUR KINDNESS...You have a beautiful blog, so full of lovely to look at! Have a great Valentines weekend...come say hi any time :D
Auntie Cake said…
I love all your hearts! So sweet, I am on the lookout for hearts around me.

And thanks, hubby is doing well, a bit sore, but I keep telling him to suck it up.... (just kidding, he got a wonderful nap in today...) His resting heart rate is actually way too low. That of the worlds top marathon runners, when he exercises, his heart rate only increases to an average persons resting heart rate. Kind of the opposite of most people. But it does cause him to pass out, and lately they have had to revive him. But he only passes out when he is resting, so I keep telling him he has to work, work,work so we can keep him around longer!
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! I am sure it will be beautiful!
Once again I am in awe of your post. You just amaze me being so creative.