The NEWS came to do a feature story about her
T-Shirts and Necklaces
she creates out of
from the loss of her Grandfathers
Heart Disease


BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail and Meghan,
I am so excited for you both - this was a marvelous news story!! Wow, you both looked gorgeous, you're really look so much alike! I do wish this piece will bring new customers to your boutique and more importantmy I'm sure it brought heart disease to the attention of so many.
Gail I know you are such a proud Mother. All the best.
Big hugs and congratulations my friend!
One of a kind for sure! You must be so proud of her and she of herself...You two are a great team and I'm glad to have found you. Keep up the great work and know you're touching many lives with this.

Hi, I so enjoyed watching your video. You are kind, talented and a lovely young woman destined to make an impact.
Good luck and I hope you raise a lot of money for this cause
Lee said…
You definitely have a one in a million daughter... I remember when you started your blog how pretty I thought she was... she is also beautiful on the inside. You both are very talented artist and might I add both beautiful entrepreneurs (you could pass for sisters)...

I hope this exposure boost sales for your business and brings in a huge amount for the American Heart Association.
You always leave the sweetest comments on my blog...and the award was so kind. You have a very kind heart. I am so glad to have met you.
Libbie said…
Gail! WOW! First it was so fun to see you like moing & talking & stuff! :) YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! AND MEGHAN!!! You two are truly beautiful.

But the story! I even know the story & I was still really into it & very excited & all impressed all over again! It really is a touching story with little ole Pop Pop there...what a cute name! He sure is smililng right now...just think how surprised he would be all this hub bub over him :)

I am a very proud friend!!!
Is it getting busy around there? It will be fun to hear unupdate :) Take Care Girls! Gotta go listen to my dancing frog! :)
Queen "B" said…
Aloha my gorgeous women!!
GAIL!! your post made me cry....and smile all at the same time!! Meghan is of course stunning and talented just like her Mom. You are clearly following your passion and purpose, it is so,so inspiring and passionate. I loved seeing the show. You must be beaming and rightfully so.

Isn't this what life is really all about? making a difference, following your dreams,and magnifying your talents.

This experience also tells the importance of Love and Family. Values that seem to be fading in these future genrations, so happy that you represent life love and support for something worth fighting for!
I think your journey is truly wonderful and I feel really special to know you and share in your happiness.Congratulations to the both of you.And by the way, the camera loves both of you, maybe you have a future career on film or tv because you two are smokin HOT!!

all my Aloha
Tish Jett said…
Dear Gail,

All teary-eyed as I write to you. You must be bursting with pride. What a wonderful daughter you have raised.

My father died from a massive heart attack when I was 10. I know what a devastating disease it is.

How kind, generous and extraordinary of you to donate part of your profits to such a worthy cause.

Warmest regards,
MS/AC Fan said…
Hi Gail,
I'm Libbie's sister- I was with her when the mailman arrived with that super sweet and thoughtful package you sent her- you really are too kind! She has shared with me all about you and your daughter's talent and mission to raise support/awareness for heart health- that is so awesome! And it was so fun to see the video clip! I agree with Lib, both you and your daughter are BEAUTIFUL-inside and out!!!!
Hi Gail,
That is great, congrats on the story. You and your daughter are doing a great and sweet thing. I heard mention of Lenape High School, I grew up in Mount Laural myself, but now live in the Atlanta suburbs. It is a small world.
The Swedish Room
Gail this is just a blessing to be able to share this with all of us. I know you must be bursting at the seams right now.
Both of you are just beautiful inside and out and I am so happy that your getting the recognition for your beautiful pieces.
Thank you for sharing this with all of us.
I stopped by to tell you I am having a candy giveaway again so be sure and enter.
You need Chocolate to celebrate right
This is amazing, just like you and Meghan.
Auntie Cake said…
That is so exciting! How very wonderful for the both of you. (And I was wondering how you came up with the name obeedesigns!) What a sweet daughter you have raised to share her talents for a worthy cause. I hope the orders are piling in!

Take care, I hope you have plans for a wonderful week!