I am amazed to hear stories about your broken hearts from so many of you out there in blogland. Yes, broken in so many ways, either through your own loss of a loved one or your own trials and tribulations dealing with some sort of heart problems of your own. It is mind boggling how almost everyone can say they have been touched by this terrible disease directly or indirectly. Some of us don't even realize the depth of the disease and how it manifests itself. Don't fool yourself into thinking if you haven't had a heart attack, you're free and clear. Did you know strokes, TIA's (which are mini strokes and usually a prelude to a full blown stroke), neuropathy (a loss of feeling or numbness in the limbs) lethargy and dementia are all significant signs of the disease?
Losing someone to this disease will surely break your heart. The loss of a loved one in any way can leave us profoundly changed forever. Having the disease and doing nothing about it is another way. I cannot get over the responses from my fellow bloggers telling me their experiences of a broken heart in their own way, either through the loss of their loved one or health struggles they or someone they love have faced. It really does touch ALL of us. If it hasn't yet, rest assured, eventually it will. I don't mean to scare you, it's just that this disease is that widespread. We really need to do something about it. Start by taking better care of yourself or a loved one. None of us wants to die of or with a


Auntie Cake said…
Hi Gail,
Once again, a sweet post raising awareness on this serious issue. I love all your heart pictures, gives us something else to think on during this month of love.
PS- my daughter did her own decorating, I thought of you as I was laughing my head off!
Tracey said…
Another wonderful post and equally lovely
Lovely post! Thank you so much for shedding some light on strokes and its repercussions.