Words are NOT necessary here, just sit back and enjoy. I don't know about you, but PRETTY much every one of
these PICTURES just screams........
Oooh La La
to me!

I think I'm in Oooh La Love!!
What are YOU in LOVE with?


Love the dog in the first picture. My son always wanted one of those, but they were too expensive so we have a cute little puggle instead. I'm so glad we have her. She is the cutest dog ever, with a spunky little personality.
Oh how I love to come over here. Your site always keeps me here for a while. \So much to enjoy and your sooooo sweet for taking the time to do these post.
I so love the comment you left for me and I will gladly pick up my award from such a sweet lovely person...thank you so much for thinking of me
Tracey said…
Absolutely beautiful, I love it here!! xxx
Queen "B" said…
I am in love with this POST!!!
I truly think that your taste is DIVINE...
ooh la la miss DIVA
Natasha said…
Oh wow Gail-what divine images! I just love the gorgeous Fifi pictures and the pug is so cute!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Best wishes always, Natasha.
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
Ooh la la is right! Lovely photos. The black lace shoes in the second shot is simply stunning - of course, it is Chanel! I have a pair of simple 'lacey pumps, I may experiment with them a bit...
Did a post on the lovely award you shared with me and added an 'invitation to tea' - wish we lived near so we could do just that!
Bon Sunday!
WhiteWhispers2u said…
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Oh love those images particularly the wee drawings of Paris. I love so many things floral patterns, the colours blue and pink, pretty china cups, lace dollies, fairies, diamonds, nature, cottages, rainbows, the list goes on and on and on...

All things nice...
BonjourRomance said…
Hello again Gail, sorry to double post. Just wanted to let you know I added that you and your beautiful daughter (she looks exactly like you) do the boutique together - I forgot to do that.
Thank you so much for all your sweet, sweet comments - you've made my week!! Please don't be afraid of flying, its not too bad at all, just tiring. No worries though, you've created your own world with lots of Ooh la la right in your lovely home!
Here's to a fabulous week!
The hair chandelier is too funny! These are just precious! Thanks for csharing!
I'm in love with every image in this photo. The black lace shoes, the black dress with pink balloons ooh la la indeed. It is all gorgeous!!
Tish Jett said…
Oh, yes oooh la-la is right. Fabulous blog. Very glamourous and beautiful. And en plus you obviously love dogs. Dogs and shoes. Perfect.

I'm a fan.

Warm regards,
Anonymous said…
I totally adored this post, definitely OH LA LA Lovely!! Thank you so much for sharing so much beauty, and I see that you are a great fan of Fifi Flowers too? I love her art. I'll be back to visit soon! Elizabeth
Auntie Cake said…
I can't stand it anymore! I'm moving to Paris as I am quite sure many of those pictures were taken there. (And I will get a little wicker basket grocery cart and fill it with roses and walk my pink poodle in beautiful shoes while I am there...) I need those shoes in the first picture, don't care if they would hurt my feet! So heavenly!!! Thanks for finding all these pictures to share with us. My husband thanks you. HEHEHE!

Lee said…
The world according to Gail....Obeehave to pop in to see what you're up too... beautiful.
Off to check out Miss Brown.
Wow, this is the first time I have visited your blog via French Kissed. I was awe struck and realized I needed to stop and take a breathe. You so inspired me to use more color. I loved everything about your blog. We have more in commend than just our names.
femme hesse said…
Awesome! I dropped in to take another peek at your gorgeous blog and I need to tell you I'm revitalized! Sometimes, many times actually, I complain about painting roses. When I visited here today it reminded me of how much I love romantic, colorful french everything, and I'm so inspired to get busy painting!

Peace and Love,
charmaine said…
oh my goodness, Gail, just GORGEOUS!!
love every image.

God Bless,
Debbie Johnson said…
Hello Gail
You have used an image of my work/home. (dining room with white mirror dark walls - white table setting - rose chandelier.
I work as a Stylist and hire my home and props for for photoshoots. I would really appreciate if you could add me to the credits for this post.

Thanks Debbie