All that talk about chandeliers in closets made me realize just how much I love chandeliers. Whether they are hanging in the palace at Versailles or an out of the way place in your very own powder room or closet, there is so much beauty to behold. The crystals hanging down reflect so romantically off the light they give. Some are shabby, some are formal and elegant but it doesn't matter...I love them all. Which ones are your favorites?I just LOVE this one!!


Too many to choose from.....I love them all!

Leeann x
Lee said…
Love the pearls...I have five of them hanging in my shed...thrift store finds...I just have to bring them home.
WhiteWhispers2u said…
Oh so fabulous! Chandeliers have a special place in my heart, my Grandmother has always had them in her kitchen and bathroom and they just remind me of her.I have my eye on one at Tarte and hope to get it at her Jan sale.I love the white of course.LOL
Ness Lockyer said…
LOVE a dainty chandelier, but if I had a huge stairwell and a grand home, it would be the over the top crystal job for sure.
Ness xx
Libbie said…
I think the LUXURY HOME one just stole my heart! We have a few around here too :) Beetween my sisters & my mom & I we have way too many to count :)

Even every time I go to just Home Depot I just tell my husband, "I'll be in the lights." I have loved that section ever since I was little!
Love, love, love them all. I would love a house full of them oneday soon.
Krista Beth said…
I love this one:
Queen "B" said…
Aloha fabulous friend!
you have my heart on the last one although I would like a yearly pass into CHANDELIER HEAVEN,
Hoping your week is as special as you are
aloha hugs from across the sea:)