The Golden Globe awards are on television this evening. It's that time of year for the awards shows. I love to watch these shows, especially for the red carpet portion when all the actors come wearing all those beautiful gowns and jewelry. It got me thinking about all those gold awards given out. Yes, those shiny gold awards. What a beautiful color....GOLD. Think of all the places you can find gold gilt and leafing. Sometimes it's everywhere and sometimes a little goes a long way. It looks so pretty on frames, moulding, furniture, sinks, tubs, even upholstery. Now unless you're living in a palace, my guess is less is more....unless you've seen some of these spaces.

Loving this little French number

I hope you get a gilt complex too. Maybe you'll be inspired to go get a little shiny something for your home. Since I wasn't nominated for any awards this year(can you believe it?), I guess I'll have to settle for a frame or some candlesticks. How about you????


Juliana said…
I just sold a gold chain, a little backing of an old earring and a broken tiny gold chain for almost $5OO bucks so I saw A LOT of money in those pictures!!!!! beautiful though
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail!
Beautiful pictures, love the 'gilt complex'. That armoire is so gorgeous and I'd like to have one of those lidded gold floral teacups.
You do the best posts Gail, always a treat to come by. Thanks for visiting me, all your sweet comments really encourage me to keep going in blogland!
Have fabulous week!
Lee said…
Hi Gail,
Gilt is my middle name.
I love the tub.

I am going to be painting for a while so you will see a little less of me and much less posting on my blog, but I will be popping in from time to time to see what you're up to my gilty friend.
take care...Lee
Libbie said…
Wow-they are pretty to look at aren't they. The funny thing is...before we had kids...(I am almost embarrassed to admit this) We had our from room in golds...yes-it is true....& we paid so much for the awful set that now I am stuck with it. So I have an adorable space for kids...with LARGE GOLD ORNATE couches. It is really awful! Clashes with how I repainted. But what can a stay-at-home mom do...nothing. Just sit on my glod couches & cringe :) Someday Gail! Someday I will be able to afford new ones! (Don't even want to waste the money on slipcovers) Just want them to go :) They waould look GREAT in those rooms though :)
Wow these pictures are so beautiful. I want the tub....could you see it in the ole farm house. But after a long day at work it would be fun to come home too.
Always love your comments...girl we so think alike.
Love u
Auntie Cake said…
You always have the most lovely images to share with us. It just makes me happy to look at them and dream!!! Still going back to a chair from your last post. I am in LOVE!!!
And, I do like Lib's couches... And yes, they would look great in the rooms from your post today!
Queen "B" said…
Aloha my sista,
Ok, I think these pic's should come with reservations and a check in time!! LOVE IT!!
you sure have a sense of STYLE :)
You just carry me away every time and I love it! I hope you are having a great week...people here are wearing sweatshirts and it was 71 degrees tonight? if they only knew?? right...
All my Aloha
WhiteWhispers2u said…
Those are amazing pictures and remind me of my Grandma Lucky~It looks like her home on a smaller scale though.She has had a love for Cherubs her entire life and has them everywhere in her home as well as beautiful gold mirrors.A special post for me! Thanks how did you know.L.O.L Me
Nadja said…

I loved everything! Wonderful! Congratulations!