Every color has it's own personality and each one evokes a different kind of emotion. RED for instance shows passion or heat like fire, while BLUE is known to be calming and cooling like water. PINK is used for baby girls and POWDER BLUE for baby boys. Yet the different values within a hue can have completely different meanings. Sure, the baby boy powder blue signifies a soft sweetness, while a deep NAVY BLUE has a more serious, regal effect. A sweet demure pink suitable for an infant doesn't create excitement like BRIGHT PINK, PURPLE or RED would. So don't let a color fool you. It can do very different things to us, our perceptions and our emotions. GREEN makes us think of nature, YELLOW reminds us of the sun, while BROWN conjures up earthy thoughts. Over the next few weeks and months, I'll be showing you just how beautiful each and every color can be and how it can tickle our emotions differently by the ways we see it, use it and wear it.
What do these COLORS do for you?

ORANGE you glad you came to see me???????


Hi there, thanks for your lovely comments over at My Passport to Style, there is still time for you to post a link about my virtual Tea Dance and help raise aid for Haiti before Friday by doing so!I adore this colourful montage of images and am a very happy Stylist as orange is my favourite colour! Sharon xox
Hello Sweet Friend!

I really need to open my mind up to more color options. I'm naturally drawn to soft pastels and of course pink but I think my favorite color is glitter! lol

Love all your photos of color explosion and the turquoise door against the orange building is stunning! Orange you glad I said that? I adore you Gail, thank you for your visits and wonderful comments...you always put a big fat smile on my face!

Love and hugs,
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
Oh what a pretty, colourful post. Love those luscious hatboxes and the fun cake. You have an incredible ability to choose the most creative themes.
You are really too sweet when you come by to visit, friends like you make blogging so marvelous. Merci beaucoup!
Bon soirée!
Libbie said…
WOW!!! That was sooo fun!!! Woke me up today! :) The hat boxes are gorgeous! And of course the beach houses. I love those!

Thanks for being so sweet about little Annie. I have been making a ton of bracelets again today :) I think it is blowing over though ~ which is good ~ my house is CRAZY dirty! I need to get going on the laundry pile!

Talk to ya soon!
Tracey said…
What a lovely post! Beautiful colours, just what I needed on this dreary dark day! xxx
Auntie Cake said…
Always glad to come and visit with you! And I totally am a color girl. I look at all the beautiful blogs with white and cream rooms, only to fall in love, wishing I could have that in my own home, but then I always have to paint everything with color. Always...
French Kissed said…
Yes, I am glad I came to see you. Love this gorgeous burst of color! I wanted to let you know I just posted a thank you for the sweet award you gave me a while back. Hope your weekend is wonderful. ~jermaine~
Anna Liesemeyer said…
oooo you are a girl after my own heart...I am a little obsessed with color:) I love them all and have different faves on different days:)
beautiful pictures!
Happy Weekend,
HI Gail, I love color. Pink being my favorite, green a close second...heck I love them all. The cake is so pretty and it looks yummy. Great images.
Queen "B" said…
Aloha my sweet friend,
I am definitely in for the walk on the beach in Cali with you and Karyn...in fact we will just have to plan it! I love the soft palette of colors like this Susan Brown photo.mmmm lovely!
I sure appreciate your friendship and I am so looking forward to a wonderful year in my new blog friends.
Aloha kisses and hugs