A HUGE thank you to Natasha over at
5 Minutes Just for Me
for tagging
me with

I must list TEN things that make me happy:

1. Reading all the kind, sweet comments
from my blogging friends



4. Orange Tea

5. Hugs and Kisses from the People I Love

6. Sunshine
7. Being Outside
8. Fragrant Candles from Bath & Body Works
9. Reading Decorating Magazines
10. Cat Naps with a Great Blanket
And TEN Blogs that Brighten My Day
1. Mimi Bleu at Bonjour Romance
2. Libbie at The Middlest Sister
3. Kate at Auntie Cakes
4. Brandi at Queen of My Kingdom
5. Lee at Inspired Comblogulations
6. Maggie at Just Between You and Me
7. Charmaine at Beautiful Things to Share
8. Daisy at Daisy Pink Cupcake
9. Kim at White Whispers 2U
10.Fifi at Fifi Flowers
AND as a bonus
11. Ness at Marley and Lockyer
12. All Things Nice

I hope they brighten your day like they have mine!



Congrats you deserve the award and what a beautiful list of things that make you happy, the lips are cool with the heart, the sunshine photograph is gorgeous and that adorable wee kitty.

All things nice...
WhiteWhispers2u said…
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Lily Lemontree said…
Congratulations on your well deserved award!
Love your list, on my way to check out these blogs.
Have a great day!

You are so nice, there was no need, I know you stop by my blog and I'm very grateful for that. Love your blog. Many thanks.

All things nice...
Libbie said…
Yeah for the orange tea!!! Made me smile HUGE :) Thanks Gail! You are sweet to mention me! I am so honored becuae I ADORE your blog...seriously...it is so well done! I just LOVE it!

THank you for your sweet comments about Annie. I really was proud of her & she has made me tear up MANY tims these past few days :) You know what itis like! Your daughter making her special jewelery too! (which by the way I have not forgot about!) I still want to order one for Karen when I get the right pic!

Thanks for everything Gail! You always encourage me!!!
Natasha said…
Gail I just love your list of Happy things! I love all kinds of tea so I am going to have find that orange one.

I haven't visited some of the blogs you have mentioned so thanks for sharing them-if you love them they must be very beautiful!

As always, it has been wonderful coming to visit today.

Best wishes dear friend, Natasha.
Fifi Flowers said…
LOVE ALL of your HAPPY things but 2... I like Cafe Creme instead of tea and I cannot cat nap sooooo I will say I like to listen to music and relax!
FUN to be tagged by YOU!
Congrats on the award, I adore your happy list and the photos are so gorgeous...I want a cat nap now!

Love and hugs,
pinkstilettos said…
Wow...thank you Gail for thinking of me..that was very kind! Now, I need to go check out the rest of your blog!
Tracey said…
I just found your blog and I love it! xxx
Brandi said…
Aloooooha, my sista from another Mother
can you feel my gratitude tears rolling down my cheeks? You know I was thinking this morning as I was showering about how this new world of lovely,intelligent,kind, talented and very generous women have come into my sphere of influence. I have concluded that this has everything to do with the Law of attraction and
also recognizing great Human Beings. I have to say I feel very honored to be amongst the quality Women I have come in contact with, you my sweet friend are ....well....Amazing. Somehow that doesn't quite explain my feelings but it comes close. I see some really wonderful times ahead. Mahalo for allowing me into your world and sharing mine with me.
Mahalo for including me in your blog on the top ten!! Who knows...with more outstanding women such as you...maybe we can change the WORLD?
All my Aloha
Thanks for visiting me and all your kind words. They were very encouraging to me. I can't imagine what it is like to lose a parent. It's hard enough to see my friends hurting. I like your list here. It makes me happy too. I quite visual, so all the pictures make me happy. I love tea, and chocolate and magazines and sunshine and comments and kisses too.
Lee said…
You're a sweety for thinking of me, Gail. I love the list...great pictures too...your blog is growing as I knew it would. Congrats!!!

We had tornadoes come through our area... so I shut down my computer due to power surges, I am sorry it took me so long to get here.
Off to paint now...and thank you again.

BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail,
Félicitations for this well deserved award, your blog is such a pleasure to visit. And thank you sharing it with me along with these other lovely bloggers.
Loved your list, especially the hugs and kissed from those we love and the chocolat is alawys a winner!
Thank you too for coming by and all your sweet comments - they are so encouraging and make me happy to be a part of blogland!
I will post about this Happy 101 asap.
Have a fabulous weekend my friend!
Bella said…
I just love your list! It's fabulous. Congratulations on your award. :)
Gail I just discovered your blog from the adorable Mimi at Bonjour Romance and I just love it!! What a beautiful and happy place to visit. I just love your list of favorites.
Hi its me again, I have been over to your blog before, I think I'm confusing you/it with Jersey Girl designs...are they the same blog??? well anyway I love it over here and will be back :)