How pretty are these closets? I know you all have to have chandeliers, ottomans and over-sized mirrors propped against unused wall space in your closets, don't you???

I could only wish my closet was this organized. No matter how hard I try to keep things folded properly nothing stays that way. Oh sure, I've replaced all my hangers to match, but inevitably the dry cleaner hangers make their way back in. They get twisted and tangled especially when you're in a hurry getting dressed. So my wish for 2010 is to get my closet to look this way. Hmmm, I just need to find the right chandelier, oh and ottoman too.

Does your closet look this way???


Queen "B" said…
Aloha Gail,
I thought you were describing my closet!!lol
along my travels in Luxury Real Estate, I have had the pleasure of viewing some Fabulously designed dressing spaces as you have so wonderfully displayed!!! I like the poodle!! I'm sure the dog doesn't reek any havoc in that closet:) Honestly the most luxurious closet space I ever experienced was owned by a man and he is a physician in Honolulu. His dressing area and closet space was down right jaw dropping....but I still came home to my twisted hangers and ripped dry cleaning papers on the floor from a mad dash to the office, oh yeah , I with ya babe:)
Aloha wishes
stacy mayer said…
Oh, these closet images make a girl drool all over herself! I especially LOVE the closet with the blue ottoman complete with the puppy! I'll visit again soon! Come over to my blog anytime!
Stacy Mayer
Lily Lemontree said…
I think I have died and gone to closet heaven!
These are the closets I fantasize about, one can always dream!
Love your blog!
Lee said…
I actually do have chandeliers in all my closets and in my house remodels... they are wonderful and offer a lot of light...thrift store and garage sale finds...I also have a great dressing of my first post... Italian rose paint...leaded glass transoms and tiger carpet with French is a totally useless room and I do love it so...I have tea parties with my 5 year old grandaughter...we call it the French fun...frivolous...and a weird a little boutique...
thank you for your comment on my Dad's Wood Sculpture... it made his day!!!
You're so fun to visit...
Queen "B" said…
Aloha my precious girlfriend!
You truly honor me with your sweet thoughts and expresions of kindness. I feel so blessed to know you already and I really am looking forward to an incredible year with you and all of your that a word? well it is now!:) totally love ya and I hope your friend that you called was thrilled you thought of her, who wouldn't are lovely to know and I'm sure a blessing in her life too! I'm sending you peaceful Sunday wishes
all my aloha
Libbie said…
Oh Yes! And a poodle! That poodle is so cute! :)

The funny thing is that even though I would LOVE a closet like that my cothes would take up about 20 hangers :) & 2 shelves for jeans :) But I would look good sitting on that ottaman :) In my jeans, of course :)

I just put a link to your laundry room on my page so I hope people stop by!!! If they don't they are missing out! :) (I would die if they saw my laundry room!)