Who says traditional green has to be used for holiday decorating? I kind of like this chartreuse green because it's a little different, but it still looks classic and elegant when used properly. It still looks pretty with traditional red, but it also looks fun when paired with purple, soft teal, yellow and my favorite, "Tiffany Blue". Apples and pears are the right shades of this yellow-y green to add to your decor. Try sugaring up some green grapes and other fruits on a pretty silver or crystal platter or in bowls. Why not give it a try and make your family and friends green with envy this holiday season?



That is a really nice shade of green, we all tend to go for the dark festive green but that is very pretty with other shades of green too :) Thanks for sharing

All things nice...
Lee said…
Hey Gail,
This is my favorite green...well done... great images! I think next year, I will do these colors.
I have been thinking of adding some orange touches as well.
Odd huh?
That's me.
Have a fabulously blessed and prosperous Christmas... saturated in His love...as well as the gifts only God can give...those thing you desire, things that money can't buy.
Merry Christmas!
BonjourRomance said…
Merry Christmas Gail!
This is a lovely shade - unexpected but so festive. I get so many good ideas when I come here...
Just 4 more days, I (think) I have everything finished. I'm sure your home must look just beautiful.
Take care and I share Lee's sentiment above - have a fabulously blessed and properous Christmas!