I know I already asked your elves to build me a Jack Arnold house, but I found a few little last minute things. Some of them would even fit in my stocking rather nicely. If it wouldn't be too hard, Santa. I know you are busy giving to all the good little girls and boys, but these items are just too good to resist! I will mail my letter to you at the North Pole.

These are some of the things I found while out shopping for others. I knew I had to add them to my list. Maybe you'd like them so much you'd even want to add them to your list too!

These little trinkets could go in my stocking, Santa, if wouldn't be too much trouble!
Thanks Santa!! You're The best :)
You know I'm kidding, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lee said…
Great choices... I want a new camera.
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail!
Here's to Santa stuffing each one down the chimney this year! Those black lace shoes, and all the rings, well everything is divine! Hope all is going well this last full week before Christmas week.
Bonne chance my friend!
Jodie LeJeune said… some for us Gail! haha
Love your choices but I'm wondering if we've really been good enough this year to get Chanel? I know I would be only borderline...I might have to settle for Avon ;)
Cute blog girl, I'm glad you found me as I'll be back soon too!
Merry Christmas~
everything vintage
Natasha said…
Can you put in a good word for me too Gail? I would be happy with the diamond ring!!

Thanks for coming to visit too-your comments are so wonderful and I love reading them.

Hope you are well and if you think of any other goodies that I should be asking Santa for please let me know!

Best Christmas wishes, Natasha.
I asked for a camera, but I now want to add to my list....those shoes, maybe a little sparkley thing!

A bientot,

Bonjour Gail,

Merci for stopping by my blog
I guess great minds think alike :)
Love all your photos, especially the White Christmas.
I'll be back
Bonne Journee
I think maybe you should make out my list for me. You are much more creative than I am. Hope Santa brings you everything you ask for and more
Oliveaux said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment.
I would be super excited if anyone of the things on your list found their way into my stocking this Christmas.
Lovely blog!
Have a great day and see you again soon.
Love your blog and all the yummy ideas you have for us to get inspiration. I am your newest follower! I'll be back to visit soon!
sepiadreams said…
Hi Gail, thanks so much for finding me so I could find you....Your kind words were overwhelming. We are awaiting the date (hopefully by Christmas) for him to have a triple bypass. Whew!!!Could it come at a worse time? My Christmas wish this year is of course to my dad's health and a successful surgery....Hugzzz...Tiina
charmaine said…
hi Gail! i think we're writing to the same Santa! LoL!! i love everything on your list! i'll take one of each please! thank you for your lovely comment. wishing you a fabulous day!

God Bless,
ChaunaLynn said…
I love bordello heels! Thanks for being so nice and yes, I'm going to community college now and I'm taking a fashion class!