OOOO.....AAAAAAAH................................................MERCURY GLASS!

Mercury Glass, it's sooooo pretty and feminine! I just love it clustered together and illuminated. It gives such a sparkly festive look to a space. Now don't just think silver, there's also the pretty pinks and soft teals, reminiscent of my Frenchy friend, Marie Antoinette. I know it looks great, especially during the holidays. If you're like me, you'll leave it up all year round. Don't be afraid, it really is worthy of being out 365 days of the year. Ok, maybe the Christmas balls can be deep sixed for a while, but votives, candlesticks, bowls, jars and canisters should definitely be front and center. Take a look and see what you can do with mercury glass!

Ballard Designs

Lisa Go Lightly...way cute

Heather Bullard


Lee said…
Soooooooooo Pretty isn't it?
charmaine said…
i love it! i would leave it up year round too! it is indeed very feminine and pretty. i'm glad my post brought you back good memories. this is a very beautiful post! wishing you and your family a fabulous and safe weekend!

God Bless,
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail! So very pretty. Mercury glass is very popular in Paris right now - you see it everywhere. I'm sure your home is looking alot like Christmas, wishing you a lovely weekend!
Mercury glass is absolutely beautiful isn't it? I saw some recently at TJ MAXX. Probably not the same stuff you have, but nonetheless, I've been meaning to go back and get some. i love the way it sparkles too~
Anonymous said…
I so love your blog. The beauty of this "Christmas-sy" post is too lovely for words! The beautiful glass, balls & colors are inspiring to my soul and lifted me up! Thank you so much for sharing such loveliness! Elizabeth.
Radka said…
Beautiful photos, have a nice day Radka.
lisa golightly said…
There they are .. what beautiful company ! Such a lovely blog, glad to find you !