So all of a sudden there's a real chill in the air. I woke up yesterday to see the slightest white covering on the grass. It's the first snowfall of the season. It makes me hopeful that Christmas will be white this year. Even if it doesn't snow where you are, these photos will make you feel like you're having a White Christmas!
Be white and bright and stay warm...or cool depending on where you live


BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail!
Beautiful images. The dining table with the candlelabra is brilliant. Your blog has become one of my favorite palces to visit.
Have a wonderful week and enjoy all that snow.
Thank you for visiting my blog, your blog is lovely, really pretty, it's late here so I won't getting looking around it all tonight but I will 2moro. You have some wonderful interior photographs and info which I will be back to read. No snow here in Ireland just rain rain rain but you never know we might get snow for Christmas.

All things nice...
Natasha said…
I wish it was snowing here...it's just another hot and humid Summer's day. I think I am going to need to save up for a white Christmas next year!

Gorgeous pictures as usual!

Have a lovely evening...it's nearly lunch time here in Oz.

Best wishes, Natasha.
charmaine said…
hi Gail! i just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words, i truly appreciate them. you made my evening! you truly touched my heart. thank you! these images are spectacular! i love that house and the trees are gorgeous. i'm a huge tree fan and they look so beautiful outside that house. i love white, you can never go wrong with white. and green and white is just beautiful,so elegant. thank you again and have a lovely evening.

God Bless,
Anonymous said…
I tried your link earlier and it took me to a broken link. I am glad I saw you at French Kissed today as I found your blog. Yeah!
Great inspiration here. I will put you on my blog list.

You Airdales are darling. I love terriers of any kind.
I will be seeing you! Have a great week.
Libbie said…
Wow! Is your blog gorgeous!!! Amazing! I was going to check out all Charmaine's blog friends today & it was such a fun surprise to have a message from you! My fellow orange Tea drinker! I think I better go put the kettle on now!

Your daughter is adorable & i can tell from your blog that you girls have quite the fun together! I love seeing that! I will be back again & again! Nice to find you!
Anonymous said…
OOOOHHH! This was simply beautiful!! Too, too lovely. Thank you for the whites!!