There are so many beautiful ways to decorate for the holidays using natural elements. Evergreens such as pines, firs, boxwood, hollies, and junipers are so traditional. You can mix them for an interesting, textural look all over your home. Use them inside and outside to give a festive look without spending a lot of money. Why not add fruit, pine cones, twigs or shells to add color and interest? Bright colorful ribbons give the greens a great finishing touch.
Now that we only have a week before the big day, I'm going to start spreading my greens all around the house. I try to hold off as long as possible since the heat in the house tends to dry them out. I hope to stretch it out until New Years day, but by then it's pretty much seen it's day. The fruits look great in glass jars, canisters and over sized vases. You can float cranberries in water with candles too for pretty colorful look. Just remember to change the water often. For special events only lasting a few hours, freeze the cranberries in molds for a festive center piece. Don't discount milk cartons and plastic recycle-able containers as your molds...bonus... they're free! I hope you have fun going green this holiday in your own special way!


BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Gail! Thanks for all the great tips. You are a natural writer, its like we sitting together talking!
Please forgive me, I never properly thanked you for taking mmy button,(I'm getting a bit creaky!)and I'm going to grab your button right now. It's beautiful too, did you design it yourself?
Can't believe we have just one more week - how are you making out with the 10 inches of snow? Take care and have a wonderful weekend with your family!
What lovely inspiration! It's all so divine and I love incorporating nature and its bounty into decorating for the holidays! Your blog is amazing sweet friend!!

Love and hugs,
Tracey said…
Hi Gail! I adore using fresh greens to decorate for Christmas!!! And you have gathered up a truly fabulous grouping of inspirational photos!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you!

:) T
charmaine said…
hi Gail! love this post the images and the tips are such an inspiration. so your daughter likes Bella Pillar too? i love her work. i just found out about this illustrator and i am a fan. when i saw the cakes, i was sold. anytime i see cake, sweet treats and color, i'm sold. thank you for your very nice comments, your so sweet. i hope you catch good sales today. be safe!

God Bless,
You have some wonderful green ideas there, Im going to start the garland I have talking about, I have never made one before so Im off to the woods later to collect some greenery. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. If my work turns out ok, Ill post it on my blog later.

All things nice...
Anonymous said…
love the pics. how about some of the McGinley house.