OK, OK... I know that winter is coming, but I miss the flowers in my garden already.
I just picked my last batch of hydrangeas for the season. I guess I'll just have to admire the photos of flowers until spring! I just love roses and hydrangeas and just can't get enough. I can't decide if I love the soft muted colors of the delicate pink and blush roses or the vibrant pinks, yellows and purples. As far as hydrangeas go... acid or alkali soil? Do I want pink or blue blooms? Actually, either color works for me as long as they are full of beautiful, intense color.

I just love the look of an English garden with the juxtaposition of the formal and casual. It makes for a more interesting space by mixing and the masculine stone, slate and gravel with the feminine flowers like roses, hydrangeas, sweet pea, snap dragon and foxglove. It' s so beautiful to see the delicate roses next to the stone walls and garden ornaments. I love the slate and gravel walkways along with the trellises, arbors and pergolas. Flower boxes make a home come to life with color splashed on it.

Hmmm..... it's all so great, I can't decide what I like more!

A Pretty Rose Trellis

Climbing Vine on my Cottage (in my dreams)

Now THAT'S a Flower Box!
I Love all the Color
That Bush Can't Decide

I Can't Decide What Color to Love
La Villa Gallici in Provence

Move Over Birds

Hydrangeas a la Southern Living Style
A Rosy Welcome

Just a Little Bouquet I Picked

My Favorite Color Rose

Flowers From a Paris Market

How Much for the Whole Bucket??
A Brussels Flower Market


Sara said…
beautiful flower pictures. i especially love the bird bath!
Anonymous said…
You left such a lovely comment on my blog, so I had to come and visit. How glad I am that I came and visited, you have a BEAUTIFUL blog, I love, love, love it. And, I will visit often! Keep up the lovely pinkness! The flowers are simply wonderful, very pretty!! Elizabeth.
Love these pictures and your site
Hope to visit again