Things aren't always what they seem in the REVENGE HOUSE

Have you been watching the new,
hot show on ABC....REVENGE? 
 If you have you'll be interested 
to know the Grayson mansion was 
actually based on a real house (or houses),
but most of it was Photoshopped 
and the house in the show doesn't really exist
Apparently, they based it on a house designed by
architect PETER COOK (Christie Brinkley's ex) and
made it bigger for TV. They added things like the
solarium on the back.
Another actual house they based it on is
this one
in Amagansett in the Hamptons
They stretched it,
moved the pool and added some extras

As for the inside, the pilot was filmed inside
a real house in North Carolina, in Landfall,
a community on the Intracoastal Waterway 
in Wilmington
To see more of this REAL home 
click HERE

This is the real foyer
 The kitchen
 and the family room
 Here is the recreation after the pilot was
filmed on a sound stage

Emily Thorne's great "little" beach house is 
also originally in North Carolina just south of 
Wilmington in Southport & Oak Island where
the pilot was shot

Here is the real outside
and here's the recreated one
 If you notice there's fewer front steps 
and there isn't any landscaping to the right
of the steps in the original home, since it is the 
driveway to the garage underneath the home
 Here you can notice the fake ocean backdrop
here's a shot of the "sun" light

Here's the inside shot for
the pilot in Emily's home
Here's the inside recreated...
If you notice the ceiling beams are different 

and the walls now are painted a soft green

My favorite, though, is "the chair"
It has become the much talked about
piece of furniture in that sprawling home

"Queen" Victoria Grayson's throne

Here it is at Home Goods 
for such a bargain
The exact chair!! 
I could hardly believe it,
right before my very eyes
and only $500.00 to feel like
a TV villainess

You can see through the magic of television how
you can combine all the necessary components
to make just the right environment...
even if it isn't real, right down to the chair ;)

Fantasy homes or not,
REVENGE is worth watching.
It has become much anticipated
Wednesday night viewing in my home
I hope it will be for you too!



Thank you for this post, I love to look behind the scenes, what à beautiful Home they do can creat With photoshop..Im surpriced..bit I love the Style..Thanks for you visit at My FB page..viär to see you orten..have a lovely day. Kiss and hugs
Unknown said…
Gorgeous house. But the kitchen? Really??? Somehow I can't imagine making tuna casserole in there. No wonder rich people are so skinny.
Anonymous said…
Hey, I'm from Brazil and I love Revenge, the story is amazing and the home décor is fantastic, the beach style in Emily's house is so cozy. This post is incredible. Congratulations.
Unknown said…
Hello! Wonderful blog! How could I purchase Victoria Grayson's armchair? Hope to hearing from you soon. XXX
Unknown said…
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NCackalackee said…
That chair is just DELICIOUS! And the arrangement of that room was the inspiration and Ah-HA moment for me in determining how to arrange my own living room that has some spatial challenges. Smaller scale obviously, but I WILL have a beautiful "statement" chair similar to Victoria's...